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Selling online during the Corona crisis

  • by Michelle Brouwers
  • 3 min reading time

Selling online during the Corona crisis
April 1st. Yesterday the cabinet announced that the measures will be extended at least until April 28. Bye... Easter weekend, bye bye King's Night and unfortunately no boat trip on the Amsterdam canals this year on King's Day. Every day I receive an email from another hotel asking if we want to use a voucher, but that the overnight stay has unfortunately been cancelled... I just wanna go!! But who am I? With me, all Dutch people, almost all citizens of the world, are sitting at home, waiting patiently until this virus has blown over and we can go outside safely again.

Still, it's hard to imagine, when will this be over? For example, can we all go outside again on July 1? We shall see.. Until then, we will continue working to get entrepreneurs live quickly, to continue their business online, to start a new shop and to finally complete and optimize our own projects.

With a webshop through the crisis

During the previous crisis, we helped entrepreneurs start their (first) webshop. In 2010, Mijnwebwinkel was the best option for entrepreneurs to start an online store quickly and affordably. During the difficult years we realized several shops per week. People who found themselves at home without work are starting their own online stores en masse. Over the past 10 years, we have brought more than 1,500 shops online. Even during this crisis, creativity is emerging again and many new ideas are emerging.

Your webshop online within 1 day

Shopify has now finally become fully established in the Netherlands. Online entrepreneurs are increasingly finding Shopify. Not only existing online retailers who want to grow, but also starters who want to quickly get their online store online, are increasingly choosing Shopify. Due to the enormous amount of available apps, the low entry costs and the easy to use software, it is possible to have a webshop online within 1 day. Obviously this is not for everyone, it is too new, you prefer to outsource it, or your design skills let you down because you are constantly busy paying attention to your bored teenagers.

But help is near! We hope to be able to help you again during these strange times, so that every entrepreneur, business, large or small, can continue. It will not always be easy, but with a healthy dose of commitment and a good, reliable and affordable partner, we are sure that we will succeed! For example, take advantage of a free impression in our first Shopify Theme Access.
Working from home feels like..

Our great guys have all been working from home for 3 weeks. With beautiful views of the garden, together with a partner at the kitchen table, we fled to the attic.
And even from the hospital, because yes, that also happened right at the beginning of this crisis. Roel broke his leg the day we were going on our annual winter sports trip. Not good, but in the end that's how it had to be. 2 days later, the whole of France went into Lockdown and we would have been fine there. So unfortunately it's not possible for me, pregnant last year, Corona this year. With a 6-month-old baby, a dog and a husband who cannot walk, the days sometimes go a little differently than planned, but fortunately our entire team, even remotely, works very well together and we are there for each other. The occasional House Party for the Vrijmibo, and then of course enough sun, gets us through it.

But the most important thing is that our work continues as usual. That there are enough entrepreneurs who dare to tackle it and just go for it.
So are you still unsure whether you should start an online store? I think this time proves that we can no longer live without it.

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