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Hold on! Your new Shopify AI assistent is here!

  • by Michelle Brouwers
  • 3 min reading time

Hold on! Your new Shopify AI assistent is here!

We are now used to Shopify coming with cool updates. We were at Unite in 2019 and our mouths already fell open. It then took a few more years before the 'sections everywhere' were finally there. But it's been going fast ever since. After the extremely extensive Winter Editons of six months ago, it is now time for the Summer Editions and Wow, what cool stuff again.

To become friends with the future AI possibilities, I also partly write these posts together with my AI friend.

New AI Features: Sidekick and Shopify Magic

In the Summer '23 update, Shopify has taken a giant leap forward in integrating artificial intelligence (AI) to help merchants streamline their operations and deliver personalized shopping experiences. Two groundbreaking AI features, Sidekick and Shopify Magic, have been introduced to revolutionize the way sellers manage their stores and engage with customers.

1. Sidekick: Your AI-Powered Store Assistant

Sidekick is Shopify's intelligent virtual assistant designed to empower merchants with data-driven insights and recommendations. This AI-powered store assistant works tirelessly behind the scenes, analyzing store performance, customer behavior, and market trends to provide valuable recommendations that drive growth and optimize the overall selling process.

Key Capabilities:

  • Performance Insights: Sidekick offers real-time data analysis, presenting merchants with a clear and concise overview of their store's performance metrics. This includes sales trends, visitor demographics, popular products, and more, allowing merchants to make data-backed decisions with ease.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Leveraging machine learning algorithms, Sidekick suggests personalized strategies to improve conversions and increase customer loyalty. These recommendations may include targeted marketing campaigns, upselling opportunities, and product bundling ideas tailored to individual customer segments.
  • Inventory Management: The AI assistant helps merchants maintain optimal inventory levels by predicting demand patterns and suggesting reorder points, reducing the risk of stockouts and overstocking.

2. Shopify Magic: Enchanting Customer Experiences

Shopify Magic is a suite of AI-powered tools focused on enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction. By harnessing the power of AI, merchants can create enchanting shopping experiences that leave a lasting impression on their customers.

Key Features:

  • Personalized Product Recommendations: Shopify Magic analyzes customer browsing and purchase history to deliver hyper-personalized product recommendations. This not only increases the likelihood of conversion but also fosters a deeper connection between customers and the brand.
  • Dynamic Pricing Optimization: Using AI algorithms, Shopify Magic can optimize pricing strategies based on factors such as customer behavior, competitor pricing, and inventory levels. This enables merchants to offer competitive prices without compromising profitability.
  • Intelligent Customer Support: The AI-powered customer support feature of Shopify Magic uses natural language processing (NLP) to understand customer queries and provide instant responses or route complex issues to human support agents. This leads to faster response times and improved customer satisfaction.

The Power of AI for Shopify Merchants

With Sidekick and Shopify Magic, merchants gain a competitive edge in the fast-paced world of e-commerce. These AI features not only automate and simplify tasks but also empower sellers to make data-driven decisions, improve customer interactions, and ultimately boost sales and profitability.

It's important to note that these AI features are continuously evolving, thanks to the power of machine learning and data analysis. As merchants leverage these tools and provide feedback, Shopify's AI capabilities will only become more sophisticated, leading to even better recommendations and customer experiences.


The Summer '23 update brings exciting advancements to Shopify, with the introduction of Sidekick and Shopify Magic. These AI-powered features revolutionize the way merchants manage their stores and interact with customers, propelling e-commerce ventures to new heights of success. With Sidekick acting as the ever-reliable AI store assistant and Shopify Magic enchanting customers with personalized experiences, the future of e-commerce on the Shopify platform looks promising and magical. Embrace the potential of AI and witness your online store thrive in the dynamic world of online retail.

Thanks for your attention :)