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9 Lemons in Shopify Plus

9 Lemons in Shopify Plus

Migrating from Woocommerce to Shopify Plus. No problem. Did you know that Shopify is a fundamental tool for to transfer a large part of your Woocommerce data to Shopify?
Basically with 1 click. Very convenient.

  • Why Shopify Plus is worth it

    Shopify Plus seems expensive, but what you get in return makes it more than true. Especially if you run multiple stores. The price is up to 10 stores incl. 1 subscription!

  • Shopify Plus apps

    Shopify Plus has ridiculously cool apps. What about all the new features launched during last year summer editions? Check out our blog for the latest news.

  • All the data in one backend

    All the data from everything stores in 1 backend? You can, with the new updates to Shopify Plus. Do you have multiple stores? With Shopify Plus you have all the data in one convenient place. Get in touch with us.

Plus support

Always first in the chat? You can. With Shopify Plus support. You also have a 1 on 1 Merchant Success Manager, in your subscription!

Powerful desktop and mobile design

So your mobile shop has to be right. We do currently see a small shift to desktop because so many people are quarantined at home. You then pick up your laptop on wifi a little easier.

So remember that you need to pay as much attention to your desktop version as you do to your mobile version. That means uploading different images for mobile and desktop etc.