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QonQer Ebikes new concept in Shopify

QonQer Ebikes new concept in Shopify

QicQ e-bikes. QonQer e-bikes. Our long-term cooperation with this company results
in two fantastic stores. (Lightspeed) and the latest (2019):

  • Custom design over 20 pages of content

    In 2019, the news came on Shopify Unite that sections would come everywhere. That wasn't there at the time, so we added all sections separately on each page. Content is king.

    (Fortunately, the sections everywhere are now available. And so the design has been adjusted and is no longer as we delivered it in 2019.)

  • Mobile design

    A mobile section is attached separately for our designs. So that there are no surprises here. This is the same process as the desktop part.

  • Shopify apps

    The app store in Shopify is great but an app requires attention in a custom design. Not every app is immediately suitable or works with customization on e.g. a configurator page. So many obstacles to avoid and problems to solve. 🙂

Custom responsive design

Together with the client we came up with a beautiful design. We create the design in Figma, (That was still progressive at the time ;) currently one of the better software to eventually arrive at this perfect end result. We started with the design of the homepage and later the other 20 pages in the same style as the homepage.

After approval of all pages, the design team starts designing the responsive designs, we make sure that the design displays well not only on desktop but also for mobile. Did you know that about 85% of visitors view the shop on mobile? So we need to pay attention to that as well. And that's what we do!

With more than 20 pages of content and an e-bike configuration

Configure your ebike in three variations. A regular page with customizer for buy bikes. A lease construction page and a subscription module through Bold Apps. Currently, we would rather choose Mollie ecurring from now on, which is compatible with iDeal. How cool is this product page by the way.

✔️Shopify Custom Design

✔️Shopify Development

✔️Bike configurators

✔️ Bold recurring app integrated (Shopify recurring wasn't ready yet)

✔️Custom account environment

✔️ Linked to Exact