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Lightspeed to Shopify migration

  • by Michelle Brouwers
  • 7 min reading time

Lightspeed to Shopify migration

Why is the switch from Lightspeed to Shopify suddenly so popular?

It's not just because Lightspeed has announced to focus mainly on E-series from now on. (Lightspeed recently acquired ecwid and has taken a different path in the ecommerce world. C-series is no longer actively promoted and users find that quite exciting)

It is mainly the enormous advance that Shopify has made in the Netherlands in the past year. The updates are flying around you. Where 2 or 3 years ago everyone was still in doubt… many Dutch merchants simply prefer to opt for a Dutch company. (That is, a Dutch customer service, because Lightspeed is of course, just like Shopify, not Dutch, but Canadian.)

Well, the time has come.

More and more merchants dare to make the switch and opt for the Holy Grail called Shopify.

But what exactly makes Shopify so much better? And what should you take into account when switching from Lightspeed.

We've been getting these questions for years. Someone you know migrated their first customer to Shopify almost 10 years ago and I can tell you. A lot has changed in the past 10 years.

It's been a wild ride in the world of e-commerce over the past 10 years.

The rise of online shopping has transformed the way we buy and sell products, and two platforms that have been at the forefront of this revolution are Shopify and Lightspeed. But how have these platforms evolved over the years? Let's take a closer look at the changes that have occurred in the Shopify platform compared to Lightspeed.

1. User-Friendliness: Who's Got the Edge?

When it comes to user-friendliness, Shopify takes the cake (or should we say, the cookie?). With its intuitive interface and easy-to-use tools, even a technologically challenged grandma can set up an online store in no time. Lightspeed, on the other hand, has made strides in this area but still has a bit of catching up to do. It's like comparing a tech-savvy millennial to their grandpa who still can't figure out how to use a smartphone.

2. App Store: The Battle of the Add-Ons

Both Shopify and Lightspeed offer a wide range of apps and integrations to enhance the functionality of their platforms. However, Shopify's app store is like a candy store for e-commerce enthusiasts. With over 4,000 apps to choose from, you can find everything from marketing tools to inventory management solutions. Lightspeed, on the other hand, has a more modest selection of apps, like a small-town bakery with a limited menu.

3. Customization: Who's the King of Personalization?

When it comes to customization, Shopify reigns supreme. With its drag-and-drop website builder and customizable themes, you can create a store that truly reflects your brand's personality. Lightspeed, while offering some customization options, is like that friend who always borrows your clothes but never returns them quite the same way.

4. Mobile-Friendly: The Battle of the Thumb Scrollers

In today's mobile-dominated world, having a mobile-friendly website is crucial. Shopify understands this and has made mobile optimization a top priority. Their responsive themes ensure that your store looks great on any device, from smartphones to tablets. Lightspeed, on the other hand, has made progress in this area but still has a few kinks to iron out. It's like comparing a smooth-scrolling thumb ninja to someone who still uses a flip phone.

5. Customer Support: Who's Got Your Back?

When it comes to customer support, both Shopify and Lightspeed offer assistance to their users. However, Shopify goes above and beyond with its 24/7 live chat and phone support. It's like having a personal shopping assistant who's always there to help you find the perfect pair of shoes. Lightspeed, while providing support, is more like that friend who takes forever to reply to your texts and leaves you hanging.

So, there you have it! A summary of the changes that have occurred in the Shopify platform compared to Lightspeed over the past 10 years. While both platforms have made strides in the world of e-commerce, Shopify has emerged as the frontrunner in terms of user-friendliness, customization, app selection, mobile optimization, and customer support. Lightspeed, on the other hand, still has some ground to cover. It's like comparing a sleek sports car to a vintage ride that's seen better days. The choice is yours, but remember, in the world of e-commerce, it pays to stay ahead of the game.

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Why Lightspeed is Leaving Us Hanging

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Introducing Shopify: Your New E-commerce BFF

Enter Shopify, the knight in shining armor, ready to sweep you off your feet and take your business to new heights. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, Shopify is the perfect platform to help you grow your online empire. It's like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. (And no, we're not just saying that because we're biased. Okay, maybe a little.)

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Why Choose Shopify?

Now, you might be wondering, "Why should I choose Shopify over other platforms?" Well, let us count the ways:

  1. Easy-peasy lemon squeezy: Shopify is known for its user-friendly interface. It's like a walk in the park on a sunny day. No coding skills required!
  2. App-tastic: Shopify has a vast library of apps to help you customize your store and enhance its functionality. It's like having a Swiss Army knife for your e-commerce needs.
  3. 24/7 support: Need help at 3 a.m. because you accidentally deleted your entire inventory? No problem! Shopify's support team is available round the clock to save the day. It's like having a superhero on speed dial.
  4. SEO-friendly: Shopify is designed with search engine optimization in mind. It's like having a secret weapon to conquer the search engine rankings.
  5. Mobile-friendly: With more and more people shopping on their mobile devices, having a mobile-friendly store is crucial. Shopify ensures that your store looks great on any screen size. It's like having a fashion-forward mannequin that always wears the latest trends.

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(Disclaimer: No actual party will be thrown during the migration process. But you can celebrate with a virtual dance party in your head.)

So, say goodbye to Lightspeed and hello to Shopify. Your e-commerce dreams are just a migration away.