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Product-connector-shopify-apps-xpansion Product Connector.

Xpansion app.

Product Connector.

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  • Show individual products as variants and link products by SKU, product code or (part of) a title.

  • The Xpansion Product Connector is the ideal app block for Shopify to display a wider range of product variants on your product page, simplifying the process for your customers to discover the perfect product variation. In some vendor's product lists, it's typical for a product to come in multiple colors or variations under different SKUs, often resulting in no variations being visible on the product page. Fortunately, this issue is now resolved with the Xpansion Product Connector.

Product Connector Shopify Xpansion

Connect individual products as variants automatically

✔️ Show individual products with matching SKU’s as if they are variants.

✔️ Products are easily linked using SKU, Barcode, or title.

✔️ Different design layouts to show other variants.

✔️ Seamless integration with Shopify 2.0 themes.

✔️ Premium support from our Shopify partner helpdesk.

What Shopify merchants say about The Product Connector App

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  • TTThe TwoSisters Theme Xtra

    I have been waiting for this app for years! Because I have many different colors of the same item, my shop became very disorganized. With this app, that problem is solved with just one click! It works super easily and is a huge asset!This app has transformed the way I manage my shop. Before, I struggled to keep track of all the variations of each item, and customers often got confused while browsing. But now, thanks to this app, organizing and presenting my products has never been easier. With just one click, I can group all the colors of a single item together, making it clear and user-friendly for my customers.The simplicity of this app is its standout feature. I don't need to be a tech-savvy person to use it effectively. The intuitive interface makes it a breeze to navigate, saving me valuable time and effort. It has streamlined my inventory management process, allowing me to focus more on other aspects of my business.Overall, this app has been a game-changer for my online shop. It has brought order to chaos, improved customer experience, and increased sales. I couldn't be happier with this fantastic addition to my business toolbox!

Frequently asked questions.

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What is the Xpansion Product Connector app, and how does it work?

The Xpansion Product Connector app is a powerful app that allows you to present individual products on your Shopify store as if they were variants. It automatically links products via their product SKU, barcode or title, simplifying the process and enhancing your customers' shopping experience.

How does this app benefit my online store and customers?

This app offers several advantages, including increased options for customers to choose from, simplified product management through automated linking, and an improved shopping experience that can boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How to use the Xpansion Product Connector app?
  • Go to online store > themes > select your theme > press customize button > select the product template > add product connector and select your products.
  • Assign each product a unique product code.
  • Install the Xpansion Product Connector app and configure it to display your products as variants.
  • The app will automatically link your products together based on their product codes.
How will this app impact my online store's user experience?

By showcasing individual products as variants and streamlining the selection process for your customers, the Xpansion Product Connector app enhances the browsing and shopping experience on your Shopify store. This can result in improved customer satisfaction and potentially lead to increased repeat purchases.

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