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  • With our automated solutions, we migrate your online store faster and more efficiently.

  • With our automated migration tool from Lightspeed to Shopify. We make it easy for anyone in Lighspeed C series or Lightspeed Retail who wants to migrate to Shopify to re-platform within a short time.


Migrate your Lightspeed store without any risk!

Premium support
10 years of experience with Lightspeed and Shopify

Flawless migration
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Full migration from A to Z
Your stores are connected and in-sync with our Migration app so you have all the time to onboard your

With our three set migration packages, you can expect transparency and a fixed, pre-established price, ensuring no unexpected costs.

Separating facts from fiction:

  • Migrations often take a long time and are very expensive

    Most reliable partners charge a chunk of money for a migration. Simply because it is a risk and a huge amount of work.

    We’ve got a high pace and keep the costs low because of our experience. We can work with you to automate a large part. Anything that really needs extra love will get our full attention.

  • I can migrate my online store easily

    Do you have a 'small' online store with few external links, no google ads, no years of ranking and you like to enter everything manually. Fine. You can easily do it yourself.

    In all other cases, stop! Because a simple mistake can ruin your entire business.

    Migrations should be carried out by an expert!

  • Migrations should be done by an expert

    True, and preferably not by just anyone, but by a Shopify partner with experience.

    Take your online presence to the next level, make the step to a better and more user-friendly platform and start now with Shopify.

    Your Lightspeed and Shopify run in sync so that you can onboard everyone internally and everything up and running.

What Shopify Merchants say about our migrations



⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 out of 5 stars

Quality of work

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 out of 5 stars

’I have been doing business with someone you know since 2015. they helped us with 2 migrations and eventually to shopify Plus. All this went without loss of turnover and very smooth communication. The nice thing is that they have everything in-house: design, development, customization, service, helpdesk. Our turnover continues to grow, partly because of them and I put all my projects with them. They do migrations seamlessly. Keep up the good work!’

Ties -Ellemilla (Shopify Plus)

Migration plans

Let's talk about that.. If you don't have a Shopify Store yet, but you do have a Lightspeed store and you want to migrate to Shopify we probably can help you for FREE.

We take care of the full data migration for free.

Check out our Data migration tool at

How does a migration work?

We explain it to you in 9 simple steps.

How does a migration work?
Preparations and planning Preparations and planning

In preparation for the migration, we make an inventory of all the important topics of the migration.

Set up a Shopify store Set up a Shopify store

To ensure that all information ends up in the right place, setting up a Shopify store is an essential part of the migration.

Data Migration and Synchronization Data Migration and Synchronization

This includes the components that will be migrated to the new Shopify environment.

Order Sync, Customer sync, imports, SEO migration Order Sync, Customer sync, imports, SEO migration

Extensive follow-up after setting up the store to ensure all settings are checked and set correctly.

Online store design Online store design

The complete design of the Shopify store in one of our own Shopify themes.

Install Shopify apps Install Shopify apps

Inventorying and installing required or necessary apps.

Final steps Final steps

Integrate and check all existing reviews and gift cards. Then prepare the DNS and finally inform existing customers about the account migration.

Monitoring Monitoring

Test orders
Ads URL adjustments
Check redirects and URL adjustments
traffic monitoring.

  • What parts are included in a migration?

    Before we start, our team will check your Lightspeed store and requirements to determine what is needed to be done in your new Shopify store and which migration plan is applicable and how we can pick up other issues for you.

    Data collection and synchronization

    When migrating, the items listed here are collected and transferred to the Shopify store. During the process this data will, as long as the migration is running, remain synchronized so that everything is up to date at all times and no data is lost.

  • ✔️ Tax Rates
    ✔️ Files
    ✔️ Blogs / Blog posts / Blog Comments
    ✔️ Categories / Category menu structure / Category visibility
    ✔️ Full customer database
    ✔️ Discount codes / Discount rules
    ✔️ Trustmarks
    ✔️ Brand visibility
    ✔️ Metafield definitions
    ✔️ Orders and order history
    ✔️ Content pages
    ✔️ Product pages
    ✔️ Product variants
    ✔️ 301 Redirects
    ✔️ Reviews
    ✔️ SEO metadata / SEO redirects

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