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The benefits of being a Shopify partner 🙂

  • by Michelle Brouwers
  • 2 min reading time

The benefits of being a Shopify partner 🙂

2 weeks ago I was invited by our partner manager Amanda for an interview incl Photoshoot in Toronto, Canada. A trip to Unite 2019 was already planned, so I was happy to grab this opportunity with both hands.

Shopify's partner platform will be completely overhauled in the near future.. and what could be better than contributing to the new look and feel of this wonderful community.

Because of the Toronto Raptors celebration, it was almost impossible to find a decent hotel at the last minute, let alone one that was still accessible with 2 million people on the move.

I decided to be on the safe side and booked a hotel on the outskirts of the city, albeit only for 1 night, because during the fair we will move to a location close to the event.

A good preparation for the internet view was not possible.. although, it went fine, only it would have been a bit more comfortable behind a desk instead of half on an unmade bed 😉

On to Spadina Road, coffee and a small breakfast and then hop inside.

I'll have to take it for granted that I'm now forever captured with a 7 months pregnant belly.. Or maybe a good Photoshopper can shop the belly off. Anyway, since the partnership contributes to a pleasant basis for the small turnout, it should also be seen as far as I'm concerned.. Provided that it is photographed from a good angle of course ;)

After fifteen minutes in the chair for the make-up, it was time for the shoot.

Visiting a trade fair, 7 hours from home, hopping from appointment to 'Happy Hour', to presentation to Afterparty was quite a challenge. But we don't introduce ourselves. The super cool presentations about upcoming new features and atmosphere provide a good dose of energy.. and sleep, we'll do that again this weekend.

The night ahead Shopify @ Rebel
Wednesday evening, after a day full of fantastic updates, it was time to relax.

From 20:00 everyone was welcome in the thickest club in Toronto, Rebel.

The main act of the evening was Lupe Fiasco. Oops, doesn't mean anything to me, but apparently is a big name. Together with the hard core of Sendcloud, Piqcer, Mollie and our new 'competitors' from Ask Phil, we discussed the new features and looked at possibilities for the future. Occasionally an enterpreneur from New York, Chicago, Turkey or Canada joined the conversation. And suddenly everyone speaks the same language.

Let's Talk Shopify was this week's motto. But that doesn't mean there wasn't room for fun conversations and lots of booze.

After a little dance, a lot of (non-alcoholic) cocktails and some snacks it was time for me to go home.

On to the last day!