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Featured on Shopify's partner page

  • by Michelle Brouwers
  • 4 min reading time

Uitgelicht op de partnerpagina, Shopify Unite. 2019 stond in het teken van helse migraties tot volledig over de top. We zijn onszelf, de apps, alle betrokken partijen en de klant tegengekomen, maar de resultaten liegen er niet om.

Featured on Shopify's partner page

yes! Featured as a Dutch Shopify partner

And there it is. Shopify's revamped partner pages. Featured with, yes, Someone you Know, bam! I thought it was strange that my Linked-in was suddenly red hot. Messages from Shopify related members came in from all over the world. Didn't think this would be the result after 1 day. But this is super cool of course. The interview in Canada last June was for the new Shopify Partner page, but I never saw the results of the shoot.

Fortunately, you can't see that I'm 27 weeks pregnant in the photo. ;-)

I was already afraid that I would be immortalized online with my belly. I'm curious about the underlying page, we're working hard on that. Super fun and an extra motivation to get back to work later!

Throughout the summer, the entire team worked hard to complete our 3 largest Shopify projects. Next week they will finally all be live. A perfect moment to come into the picture as a new partner. The entire new partner environment of Shopify will take a while, but then we will have time to work everything out.

We have learned a lot from haphazardly linking apps and answering blindly with 'yes you can do that in Shopify'. Because no matter how beautiful Shopify is, nothing could be further from the truth. We are very spoiled in the Netherlands when it comes to webshop software and that is mainly because the most used ecom saas providers here are really focused on the Dutch (at least European) market. For example, starting a shop in several languages is quite normal, correctly arranging VAT with foreign (B2) customers, linking your accounting program and offering the most commonly used payment providers at favorable rates.

But Shopify is also working hard here in the Netherlands and by working out the most complex cases in the past year, we have become more than Shopify pros. And not only that, we think along with the customer and look at the problem step by step, analyze the question, offer a solution and come up with a suitable proposal to ultimately set up a high-quality Shopify webshop that you are ready for the future. future.

Our recent Shopify projects.

From hellish migrations to completely over the top. We have encountered ourselves, the apps, all parties involved and the customer, but the results do not lie.

QonQer urban e-bike, new concept from Qicq Amsterdam

A case in which we have pulled out all the stops, both technically and in terms of design. Fully styled subscriptions, 4 different configurators for putting together your own bike with or without a subscription and a fully integrated lease construction. You plan a test drive via Calendly, the different locations are shown via a store locator and a seamless integration with a referral program has been made for all of this. We have worked with man and power for months on this project, the first bicycles have already been sold and we will soon be riding a QonQer bike through Eindhoven!

furnpact migration Magento to Shopify Plus

Furnpact, a migration from Magento to Shopify plus goes live with an amazing upgrade in terms of design, of course in terms of functionalities, but especially conversion-oriented and certainly for Shopify standards, this has become a gem in e-commerce. A different store for each country, as it should be.

You can view the entire Furnpact case (later) here.

Live Helfi, multilingual store from Lightspeed to Shopify

You have migrations, and you have migrations. Even though we have years of experience in successfully migrating webshops from and to different systems. The LiveHelfi migration from Lightspeed to Shopify was another one for the books. So you see.. no two migrations are the same, and it is vital to map every new case from A to Z before you start a migration. It started with 'setting up a theme' and it ended in a theme with quite a bit of customization and full integration with hubspot, retailrocket, enhanced ecommerce, 3 languages via Langify, countless apps for B2B, VAT, bundles, sales on bol .com and google shopping via Channable. And let's not forget the full migration including orders, customers, loyalty lion, products and the whole bunch.

I can tell you, this will get you through the summer. Especially if on the day of going live it turns out that Langify has not been fully developed, especially when you are still using 15 apps and that all foreign customers receive e-mails in the wrong languages and are redirected to an empty Dutch cart page when ordering.

But.. this too has all been resolved in the end and despite many hours of stress, LiveHelfi has proven that it is a very strong concept and we are now carefully looking further at the future plans.