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Simple tips to maintain your online store

  • by Michelle Brouwers
  • 3 min reading time

Simple tips to maintain your online store
Standing out in a competitive market

Over the past 10 years we have seen the most ambitious entrepreneurs. From creative entrepreneurs who want to become the next to young mothers who started making baby supplies themselves for lack of anything better. No matter how different all the ideas and how great the ambitions are, there are always only a few outliers among those thousands of online entrepreneurs. And those are the ones who have thought just a little further. Of course it is fantastic to have your own business, to be able to manage your time yourself. But what is the purpose?
How do you want to distinguish yourself and what do you do to become and remain 'successful'? What is success to you? Do you define success in sales? Do you want to live a luxurious life from the turnover of your shop or do you just want to be able to express your creativity?

Invest time in your online store
An online store must be maintained, just like in a real store where the staff speaks to customers all day long, cleans up the store and occasionally changes the layout, it is just as important to stay busy online.
Shopify is a great system to ensure that the look of your webshop never has to be the same for long. Because you can easily fill and customize your homepage with sections yourself, Shopify is the system for online store owners who quickly get bored.

Of course, you should not exaggerate, there must be a certain logic in your webshop and if a visitor saw something beautiful yesterday, he should not have to search to find it today.
But there's more.

Give something away
Giveaways, make sure customers hear about you, get their hands on your product, try it. If you are so convinced of your own product, then every 5th giveaway must certainly result in at least 1 returning customer.
Look at the competition and do things differently or better yet, do things better.

The bigger picture
Spend time every day achieving a bigger goal.
Because we all know that a day is often suddenly over without you actually knowing what you have done, it is important to add 3 tasks to your to-do list every day that contribute to achieving a larger goal.

Start the day with…
You would expect something fun, something that gives you energy, but it is best to start your day with the tasks you least feel like doing. Sit down, complete as much as possible in one go and you will see that you can do the 'fun' things for the rest of the day with a very satisfied feeling. The look & feel of your webshop
Logically, the first thing you think of is the homepage. After all, that is the calling card of your webshop. When you have a webshop or website created, the design of the homepage is always presented first. Take a random look at a theme store and request a quote from a design agency. The starting point or starting point is always the homepage. Strange actually, because the goal of every webshop is sales. And without a well-thought-out product page you will not achieve this. Did you know that a large portion of your visitors do not see the homepage at all? They arrive via Google and from a certain search term a visitor is referred to a collection page or goes directly to the product page.

Tip: An effective product page helps convince visitors. Take a critical look at the various pages in your online store, would you be convinced if you just visited the product page?