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Switch from Lightspeed to Shopify for free

  • by Michelle Brouwers
  • 4 min reading time

Shopify Partnerpage
Migrate from Lightspeed to Shopify for free? Want to switch to Shopify for free? If I want to migrate from Lightspeed to Shopify, will you do that for free? Yep, you read that right. After much deliberation, we have decided to offer the migration from Lightspeed to Shopify for free. But why on earth wouldn't we charge money for a data migration from Lightspeed to Shopify?

I'm going to explain that to you in detail!

Shopify is all about partners. Shopify offers the SAAS solution to start an online store. For a monthly fee you get access to a reasonable selection of tools, but to really grow within Shopify you almost always need an external party. A Shopify partner, an app from a Shopify partner, a theme, or a lot of in-house knowledge to develop your free theme into your own online shopping paradise. And even then: payments, shipments and all other connections are made via partners. (if not via Shopify itself)

These partnerships all ensure a continuous flow of money. The merchants pay to Shopify (think of subscription costs, turnover percentages, but also costs for apps and other links). Shopify then pays the costs, or part of them, to partners. Partners bring in other customers, and for this they receive a percentage in 'commissions'.
Thus the circle is complete. Everyone earns something from this commission-based world.

Have you seen me on Shopify's Dutch partner page yet?

Because, after years of development, we also believe that being 'paid' in small amounts is more valuable than continuously asking for the top price, we have decided to offer a migration from Lightspeed to Shopify for free.

After all, our mission is: to make an enterprise experience possible for every merchant.

Just like you buy a theme from us for $400 and can compete with custom design web shops. We now migrate your data with 1 push of a button:
  • no waiting for months
  • no gaps in the migration data
  • no delay in synchronization
  • and above all no missing essential parts
Together with DMWS, we developed a data migration tool that transfers your entire Lightspeed online store to Shopify one-on-one, and all you have to do is let us set up your shop.

This is how we create a store, we benefit from a small commission from Shopify and you can get started right away.

Extra handy and certainly distinctive compared to other (manual) migrations or migration tools:

  • your new Shopify webshop remains synced with your existing (soon to be old) Lightspeed store. No more hassle with stocks, orders and other annoying side effects of a long-term migration process
  • You can onboard your staff quietly because both shops run in sync
  • By using the Syncer® app

Please note that in this case too, extras are needed to make your shop completely according to your wishes. Because your data will then be transferred for free. This must still be displayed correctly in your new environment.

Of course we have also thought of that.

The Syncer app contains various components to correctly display your data in Shopify, our Special Syncer theme is so extensive that you can copy any design in it, and you can request all other links and/or customization through one of our partners.

Why is migrating via Syncer better and more reliable than switching with another app?

So what's the difference with other data migration tools available online?

Before we decided to work on a data migration app with a team of 10 people for almost 2 years, we of course explored the market together with you. We have been offering webshop migrations for 10 years and every online agency knows that migrating the daa itself is the least fun part of the whole job.

The fun factor lies in everything surrounding it. Actually give your webshop a visual upgrade. Add cool conversion-enhancing features and ensure that your new online store marketing is technically in order.

So, we also test the full range of available migration apps and tools. Such as Excelify (now Matrixify), Cart2cart and a whole host of apps that promise to do the same.

Some common failures or omissions that we have caught with Syncer:
  • Product bundles
  • Custom Fields
  • VAT Switch
  • Graduated discounts
  • and much more.

I already work with a great party, what now?

Exactly then, continue to work with your regular agency or marketing party, but if you want to switch to Shopify from Lightspeed together with them, first double check what a migration costs once you have already realized the complete data from Lightspeed to Shopify. You can continue to use the expertise and service of your favorite partner. You can arrange the entire migration via Syncer.

So win-win for everyone.

What are you waiting for?