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The Black Friday Dilemma: Exploring the Rise of Green Friday

  • by Phoebe Lengton
  • 3 min reading time


As the holiday season approaches, and we deck the halls and spread cheer, there's something exciting in the air – it's Green Friday! In the midst of the traditional shopping hysteria, a new and eco-conscious trend is making its mark. Green Friday is all about sustainable and ethical consumerism, offering a refreshing twist to the hustle and bustle of Black Friday. In this blog, we'll explore the joyful rise of Green Friday, drawing inspiration from Shopify's insights and expert advice.

Shopify’s Boosting Black Friday Strategies

Black Friday, a once-unstoppable shopping extravaganza, has seen remarkable success. According to Shopify, in 2022, merchants celebrated an astonishing $7.5 billion in sales during the Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) weekend. With over 52 million shoppers thronging to Shopify merchants, and a whopping 73% of online sales originating from mobile commerce, it's clear that the holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year for retailers and consumers alike.

Shopify gives a list of Black Friday strategies to boost your sales by starting of by saying:

  • Go Big or Go Home: You cannot expect to lure customers with discounts such as 15%. Shops don’t have to discount the entire store; category-specific sales can for example help you engage with your customers using email or social media longer.
  • Offer seamless mobile shopping: as already mentioned, 73% of online sales came from mobile commerce, meaning 27% came from desktop. You risk losing customers if you are not ready for this experience. You want your Shopify Theme to handle mobile users like this theme Xclusive.
  • Upsell and Cross-sell: These two strategies can boost your revenue up till 30% during Black Friday. For both techniques Shopify recommends using softer phrases like: “Others Also Bought” or “This Would Pair Well With” to persuade people in a friendlier way. Check out themes such as theme Xtra who have these features.

Embracing the Spirit of Green Friday

However, amidst the glittering success of Black Friday lies a heartfelt dilemma... The endless discounts and the excitement of consumerism have raised concerns about sustainability and ethics. The environmental impact, overconsumption, and the carbon footprint associated with this event are calling for a change now more than ever. It's time to embrace Green Friday, a holiday shopping event that's all about conscious choices, sustainability, and ethical practices.

Strategies for a Bright Green Friday

  • Celebrate Sustainability: Just like the holiday season is a time for celebration, Green Friday is an occasion to embrace sustainability. Opt for eco-friendly products and support brands that prioritize responsible sourcing and environmentally friendly practices.
  • Gifts That Give Back: This Green Friday, consider gifts that give back to the community or support a noble cause. Many brands are taking an active role in social responsibility, and their products can bring joy to the world in more ways than one.
  • Mindful Shopping: Let your holiday shopping be a mindful experience. Take your time to choose products that align with your values. This is not just about gifting; it's about making a positive impact.
  • Spread the Word: Green Friday is a joyful movement, and you can be a part of it. Share your Green Friday experiences, encourage sustainable choices, and help others discover the joy of conscious consumerism.

This holiday season, let's celebrate Green Friday with the same enthusiasm and excitement that Black Friday has traditionally brought. It's a time to make mindful choices, support ethical practices, and cherish the joy of sustainable consumerism. Green Friday isn't just a trend; it's a joyful movement towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

So, as we prepare for the holidays, remember that the true spirit of the season lies in making the world a better place, one joyful, green choice at a time. Now is the time to be ready to celebrate Green Friday with sustainable Shopify Themes. Explore our themes now here.