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We know fashion

  • by Michelle Brouwers
  • 5 min reading time

We know fashion

Someone you know.. all about Fashionstores

While writing the texts for our new website, this one, I am automatically forced to think back to the past. To the moments where it all began. Of course there were already webshops 14 years ago, but in 2008 e-commerce was much less popular among the general public. It was on the rise, yes. The progressive companies, and companies that dared to look ahead knew that now was the time to go online.

Other entrenched management teams clung to the idea that the 'trend' would blow over. The streetscape changed dramatically. Not only because of the rise of e-commerce, but mainly because many retailers have entered the wonderful world of online shopping too late.

Today I realized that we have played an important role at a number of fashion stores in continuing their business online. And actually, these projects are not mentioned anywhere. As if we always wanted to stay a bit off the radar. A shame and that's why I think they deserve at least a mention here.

I realize more and more that I even forgot some important projects, and that we never actually announced them anywhere. A shame, because designing a successful fashion retailer is of course pretty cool. The fact that we have been doing everything for FALKEwinkel Eindhoven since day 1 has become such a habit that I could no longer even put the number of newsletters, website, webshop and printed matter designs on 1 entire website., the new webshop of FALKEwinkel, will soon be launched in Magento 2. This deserves at least a place among the cases. Even though it is not a Shopify webshop, the only reason for that is the link with the cash register system. We should certainly be able to realize the rest within Shopify Plus.

And how about Twinkle. An online fashion store with no less than 4 stone shops. A mega success and we have been making all designs for this for years. We developed this Magento store together with an external party. We also made the design for the well-known clothing store De Rambam in Eindhoven. One of our designers once started her career there as a hard worker. Fortunately, we managed to hijack her in the end, because Merel is now the brain behind almost all our super, beautiful, über cool webshop designs. We fished Merel in as an 18 year old girl as an intern from Sint Lucas and she never left. She could Photoshop a little bit, but with her infinite perseverance and will to learn, her approach to design and a lot of feedback, she has become one of the best in the business.

In addition to Rambam, we also created the webshop for the clothing store Depeche in Maastricht. Unfortunately, the latter is still not online.

One of the most beautiful cases is the Nikkie Plessen webshop. She came to in 2013, 10 years ago now. Nikkie was working on a new online concept in Travel cosmetics and she came to us through the grapevine. Nikkie visited us at home, and that was quite exciting for us as reasonable young entrepreneurs at the time. The webshop looked super good, it worked, but unfortunately the price concept was not well thought out technically. Because Nikkie had faith in us, she told us about her new clothing line. No one could have ever dreamed that this would be such a success.

We created Nikkie's first webshop, we realized a monthly online magazine that served as a lookbook and took care of the maintenance of the shop. The webshop was built on its own CMS system, but because Nikkie's clothing line grew so quickly into a success, the agency chose to switch to another platform. We were in the middle of a huge transformation phase ourselves, so unfortunately we no longer have the current webshop under our hats. But who knows. Because to be fair, we still believe that we can add a bit of panache to this thriving shop.

And if that wasn't enough, we also created the first Pure White webshop in Lightspeed. Pure White approached us because they would like to switch to Shopify. Unfortunately we could not meet the deadline and because we prefer good work to half work and that is why we unfortunately had to let this assignment go.

WAM Demin is still running in our other company's theme.

We developed Fashionstore Objet trouve based on a design by Marjolein Delhaas.

Our most recent project is Elle Milla. Elle Milla is a perfect example of a transformation that you can go through as a webshop. Elle started a blog in WordPress, then started his own clothing line and opened an online store in Mijnwebwinkel. After a while Elle Milla wanted more and DMWS designed and developed a custom webshop in Lightspeed.

The webshop runs like one and not only at the front end at the customer's user level, but especially in management at the back end, it is now time for a new step.
Elle Milla is our first Shopify Plus webshop and we can't wait to make it an unprecedented success and find out what benefits can be gained from a Shopify Plus package.

After designing and developing all these custom webshops, we thought: this should be easier. Not easier for us, but better for the merchants. We have combined our 15 years of experience and years of research into 1 theme. After 1.5 years of work, we will present our brand new theme next month.

Up next Theme Xclusive

With all this experience. And the experience we have gained over the past year with theme Xtra in the Theme store, our new super innovative fashion theme will go live next month. With theme Xclusive we focus on everything a fashion store needs. The theme is packed with feautures to make things as easy as possible for the merchant and consumer.

Stay tuned!