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Theme Xclusive features

Highly customizable for every industry that embraces remarkable design.

  • Backgrounds and gradients

    Backgrounds and gradients

  • 50 fashionable sections

  • Typography customizations, design like a pro

    Typography customizations, design like a pro

Blend sections

Create stunning new sections by combining them together with ordering and spacing. Combine sections with spacing , stacking and create new unique sections.

  • Color schemes

    Color schemes

  • Great mobile settings

    Great mobile settings

  • Header layouts

    Header layouts

Fashion features

Shop the look, looks and look collections.

Shop the look, everywhere.

Transform your online store with shop the look banners on every image.

Just click on an image, select 'shop the look' and add products. Your visitors can now shop in all your content in your entire store.

  • Collection looks

  • Size chart

    Size chart

  • Lookbooks with roll-over images and videos

Product image ratios

Create a harmonious blend of image ratios, tailored specifically for each collection.

  • Add to cart / Quickshop

    Add to cart / Quickshop

  • Add to cart on product card

  • Quickshop drawer & size chart

  • Color swatches

  • Sticky add to cart

    Sticky add to cart

  • Model / Product

    Model / Product

Cart features

Sublime for every industry

  • Trust badges

  • Free shipping bar

    Free shipping bar

  • Complementary products

    Complementary products

  • Pre-order


  • Animated checkout buttons

  • Cart undo

    Cart undo

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