Krijg een GRATIS IMPRESSIE in een van onze Shopify-thema's. Vraag nu aan migration to Shopify migration to Shopify

A complete design package with migration and a custom homepage, well-thought-out product page and a collection page.

  • A well thought out design

    With the goal of keeping the customer's budget in mind, we developed a shop that is easy to maintain. Every detail was thought about when designing 4x6sofa.

    (Due to the rapid development of Shopify, the shop has changed again and has a new look)

  • Try before you buy!

    Who wants to sit first? Select a Date & Time with the integrated Calendly calendar.

  • Order a color steel

    Still prefer to see the color in real life first? Simply order a color sample from 4x6 sofa.

An excellent migration from Magento to Shopify.

A migration from Magento to Shopify was one of the most common migrations between 2020-2022 due the new Magento 2 launch. A perfect moment for merchants to make an important decision. Migrate to Shopify!

This 4x6 sofa migration to Shopify ran completely smoothly. Due to the desire to complete the migration within a minimal budget, we started with our own theme and then developed the shop custom.

We've created a custom homepage, product page and collection page. Theme Access is the forerunner to our now successful Xclusive Theme in the Shopify Theme Store.

Customize your own corner sofa easily at 4x6sofa.

Beautiful and unique design that ensures that the sofa is easy to put together yourself.

Easily order a corner sofa in 24 different colors. Option to order a color sample is no problem at 4x6sofa. Custom designed tables for specifications and tabs make the page clear and easy to scroll through!