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Due to a previous successful collaboration, the founders of FNGPRNTS turned to Someone You Know again for the development of a custom store in Shopify.

  • Labels directly from Shopify on your bottle

    Each order is read out using an application developed by us. From the order, we read the entered customer data and process it in the label template. This is then converted into a print-ready PDF and placed in the printer's queue. No manual action is required for this!

  • Subscriptions

    Development, design, subscriptions, Questionnaire, PDF label printing, Algorithms, FNGRPRNTS uses all the functionality in Shopify! The fact that Shopify, with its extensive and solid core, formed a great foundation made it a pleasure to work with. We set up the subscriptions in Mollie e-curring, but soon this function could also be taken care of by the subscription function of Shopify itself.

  • Questionnaire

    A quiz specially developed for FNGRPRNTS, first as a tailor-made solution and then as a custom merchant app by one of our partners. The years of experience of the creators of the concept created the perfect nourishing shampoo suitable for every hair type. With your favorite scent, label and name.


The answers from the questionnaire are saved directly to the customer account during entry, created at Step 1 with Name, Last Name and Email. We do this using Shopify Customer Tags, so we always know who entered the quiz, even if it is not completed, this can always be done later. Through a developed INCI algorithm (an INCI is an ingredient in a cosmetic product) all ingredients are aggregated based on the account's tags. We do this through 3 criteria: Hair Condition + Hair/Head Skin Desires + Fragrance/Perfume.

Personalized product page

The goal: the consumer can put together her perfect shampoo and conditioner through a number of questions.

Through a custom questionnaire, visitors are given 15 questions when creating an account. The answers to these questions combine to form a formula for the perfect shampoo and conditioner. Through a developed algorithm, all ingredients are combined based on the visitor's answers. Finally, the visitor chooses the desired fragrance and can choose between 5 different label designs.

(The concept has now been sold and the shop has been adapted)